How Maharaja Whiteline - Duramaxx changed the category conversation

Communication Challenge

Maharaja is a brand with heritage and connection with mass market segment. Majestik needs a new contemporary connect and open a new segment of market. This segment has newer brands in market and has better technology on offer. Majestik needed to be established as the modern tech forward brand.
We are speaking with food enthusiasts. The food enthusiasts tend to be younger, they are sure of what they are seeking and advances technology is a big choice driver. They like to try new dishes and experiment with recipes. Majestik is their partner in food exploration. This helps them make the dishes in as authentic way as it can be.
Maharaja Majestik has a 1000W powerful motor that does the job of mixing and grinding in perfect way. The strategy could have been built on performance and technology, but would that have created the kind of impact we sought?
We experimented with multiple ways of crafting the narrative but none of them seemed to work. It's then we landed at the plank we worked on. Food and travel is linked. If it sounds a little incredulous, do watch the commercial.
The campaign led to a 50% bump in branded search within days. The brand was stocked in more counters, and had a tremendous response from the market. The food that inspired travel as a proposition worked very well.
We redesigned the Majestik logo with inspiration from the blades of the mixers. The logo added to the overall appeal of the brand

Maharaja Whiteline Duramaxx Mixer Grinder is at the premium end of the brand’s mixer grinder product range. Maharaja Whiteline is a 47-year-old brand that has dominated the massy end of the mixer grinder market. Maharaja Whiteline is a well-known, well-established brand. Duramaxx has a powerful motor and is well-designed. This product specifically targets a different market segment.