Buda Jeans Company and the Anti Jeans campaign

The Challenge

Creating communication for a new brand in Denim category is really challenging. Jeans is built on values of ruggedness, long lasting, mobility, urban street fashion and building urban tribes. The global heritage brands have defined the culture of Denim globally through cues of fashion and belongingness. The local brands in India have followed the same trend, and to top it they have added celebrities to the mix. As the brand, we had to craft a path that was either a slice of old, or we chose a road that was never explored. Jeans is about people who top any length to be liked, to make things happen, to be the leaders of Hustle. Buda Jeans Co is antithesis of all this. Its the real Anti-Jeans brand
There is a new bunch of audience who have changed their priorities. Hustle is Enter Buda Jeans Co. from the house of AJIO that is here to challenge the very idea of hustle. We are witnessing a rise of people who want to lead a life that is relatively slower, more meaningful and easier going. If the world earlier was always on, the new consumer’s attitude is to plug out of the noise and enjoy their me-time. People today prefer living in easy denims and easy to wear fashion, which is what Buda Jeans Co. Offers
The Buda Jeans Co is built on the ethos of peace, calm and happiness. Buda Jeans Co. lives in the moment, let’s go of the frills, and connects with likeminded friends with – Planet easy; the brand’s tagline. We created a new ethos of denim, something that has not been the part of Jeans culture. Buda Jeans Co. stands out of the sameness of Denim crowd, and tells a tale that has never been told.
Planet easy as a philosophy belongs to an open world where everyone is welcome, a world that has peace at its core, and is driven by equality, where minimalism is valued and simplicity of design is fashionable. Buda Jeans Co. is international in outlook and is a world citizen.
The campaign has three digital films, social media content, influencer videos which were crafted differently
In three months time, Buda was among the largest Denim brand on Ajio platform

Post pandemic there is change in consumer attitude towards life. Success for youngster's pre-pandemic was defined by the Hustle Culture. The startups, the business leaders, the popular business TV programs are built on the feeling that life is short and to be successful, you need a massive push. Pandemic changed this attitude, hustle got redefined and an eased-out life gained currency.

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